Getting Happy... when you wish you were dead

The Workbook

HUMANS ARE A FUNNY LOT. We burden ourselves with POOP and fence ourselves off from the joys of PEP. Which is strange because ask which people want: A life filled with PEP (Personal Empowerment Practices) or one full of POOP (Personally Offensive Obstructive Practices)? Everyone says they want PEP, but they let old habits pick POOP.

We’ve endured over a year of infections, deaths, and social isolation. Covid-19 is showing us how fragile and divided our lives were before the stress of a virus revealed the cracks in our strongest relationships. We feel alone; afraid of being misunderstood. Then a virus traps us with our family. And we’re forced to realize we are putting far less effort into being a strong and happy family than is needed.

Happiness is simply having your thoughts be pleasant a good share of the time. Getting Happy…when you’re trapped with the people you love is your ticket to daily happiness and strong, healthy family relationships.

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