Getting Happy... when you wish you were dead

Day 67 – Wednesday, 16 Jan

I volunteer at We Care for the first time. This is the local food bank in Batterdrum County. I went because I had forgotten something at PADS and knew it would be brought to We Care. One of the volunteers told me all the lost and found items get taken to We Care. It hadn’t arrived by the time I got there, so I volunteered to lend a hand if I could be useful.

That turned into 2 ½ hours of helping. It felt good to be useful.

I attend the Bible Study at Living Water church. Pastor Stan Pear is not there, and Ben Fields runs the study. Ben is the one who originally invited me to attend, and I was a little worried because Maria also attends that study. But Ben said she hadn’t been coming and there should be no conflict.

Maria wasn’t there so everything was fine. It wasn’t going to stay that way.

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