Getting Happy... when you wish you were dead

Day 139 – Friday, 29 Mar

Material is filled in for the book outline all the way to the end of January. That feels very good, but it’s also emotionally draining.

All the memories are so fresh. And it’s more than just the memories of what is going on with Maria. The stories I plan to use as flashbacks are vivid and fresh, too. It makes sense, I guess, since these are the memories that most often play in my mind. That’s why they have influence – because I replay and relive them so often.

Writing material in the outline is a lot like doing hard work. What I do each day makes me stronger for the next days’ work. And when you’ve done a few days work, you’re all worn out and need to rest.

I’ve been looking at apartments. Denise came by the library today to tell me about a one bedroom place above a restaurant. It feels so good to have somebody lending a hand and caring.

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