Getting Happy... when you wish you were dead

Day 101 – Tuesday, 19 Feb

Today is the day for Maria and me to be divorced. I’m still in jail, so I am paraded before a court full of people in chains (literally bound with ankle and wrist shackles). It's the embarrassing result of a bad choice.

Maria commits perjury when I ask her whether she has a philosophy of “I’ll always tell you the truth, just not always the whole truth.” She answer no, that she does not have such a philosophy. Today I hate Maria for lying.

There was no real need to ask her anything. Her lawyer had questioned her, and then me, so pretty much everything was covered. I knew what was about to happen, but I wanted to ask her that one question.

I wanted to know whether she would tell the truth.

I gave up trying at that point. The judge has been the same person throughout this whole process. I've said it in court several times that he is clearly biased, has a relationship with Maria through her work, and that he is incapable of rendering a just verdict. Instead of making anyone upset, that approach only gets people to tell me that I won't win by offending the judge.

The judge grants Maria a divorce, and I go back to jail and waiting for the psych evaluation.

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