Getting Happy...

When You Wish You Were Dead

Cover of Getting Happy... when you wish you were dead with workbook

It’s the most powerful taboo in our society. It outpaces gun deaths by two to one even while we do our best to deny it exists. This taboo steals its way into our lives to snatch away our children and ravage our grandparents. For good or ill, it leaves us, the parents, standing in our sorrow; wondering what might have been.

Suicide. Trying to prevent it is rather like installing smoke alarms while your house burns; it’s too little too late. Getting Happy …when you wish you were dead is about stopping suicide from ever becoming an option. This story is about knowing how to connect and be effective so we never feel the loneliness and isolation that opens the door to that most powerful taboo.

Getting Happy …when you wish you were dead is one story of a life lived hunted by suicide, and what it took to break free into happiness at last.
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