There is no Silver Bullet, One Click Magic, or any other
Business B.S. for you here! This is
for Business Owners who know Work and
Success go Hand In Hand.


Join the 2023 Book Tour     

We arranging a book tour covering 7 states for 2023 from Florida to Virginia. I’ll gladly have my VA book you as a guest speaker for live tour events. We can even make it work if you need to present via Zoom. And yes, there is “on the tour” training for doing presentations to audiences of all sizes.

Get Booked for Media Interviews   

My VA books interviews for you with radio stations across the U.S. You start with smaller stations to “cut your teeth” and get accustomed to doing interviews. Then you graduate to larger market shows with hundreds of thousands of listeners, and specialty shows with millions of fans. Just one interview per day from Monday to Friday at a fee of $50 each totals $13,000.

Be Represented at Every Tour Event

From a vertical vinyl banner to having your books and order forms at the back of the room, you are represented at every tour event.

You are Mentioned in the Manuscript       

The whole point of placing an ad anywhere is to help grow your business, right? So I make sure you are mentioned in the manuscript to draw attention to your skills and the ad. If you’re ambitious and savvy, you can even contribute to the manuscript.

You are Introduced in a Special Contributor Section

We have all seen the About the Author section at the back of a book, yes? Placing an ad means you get introduced in a Special Contributor Section at front of the book.

Free Copies of The Book     

If you’re in the book you should get a few copies, right? You get 200 free copies of the book in which you place your ad. Give them away as a means of building relationships.

Discounted Book Copies at Author Pricing  

Authors routinely purchase copies of their book for the cost of printing plus shipping. A book you sell for $20 only costs you around $5. That’s 300% profit!

Place Your Ad on Websites  

If your ad is in The Social Media B.O.G. then it’s also on the website Social Media: Cheap and Easy and The Marketing Spotlight. Advertisers in Position. Power. Profit. have their ads on Conrad Hall Author and Getting Happy Series.


Monthly Master Mind Alliance  

This is nothing like the ego stroking, group love sessions most self-proclaimed gurus like to claim is a mastermind. You know the type, where they are the master and you better mind what they say.

This is a monthly meeting of experienced business owners who have specialized skills. It is the Master Mind described by Napoleon Hill.

Media Training        

I have been doing media interviews – on both sides of the mic – since 1999. There’s a lot more to doing an interview than just having a chat. Interviews require strategy and preparation. You learn how to answer the questions you want to answer no matter what the interviewer asks. Discover how to prompt listeners to visit your site for more information without seeming like a huckster.

Guest Co-Host on My Podcast        

Social Media: Cheap and Easy, PEP or POOP, or The Marketing Spotlight. Which suits your business best? Be a Guest Co-Host for six episodes. Do a good job and it can be a recurring gig for you and your business.

Receive Author Status on My Websites      

Author is a specific role on a WordPress website just like Editor or Administrator. Boost your SEO (and Google ranking) by publishing articles on the relevant sites and getting external links to your website.

4 Guest Postings to Your Website    

External links are as important to my SEO strategy as they are to yours. That’s why I’ll write 4 guest posts for your website.

Get Help with Automating Your Business   

AI is a powerful tool and we put it to work in your business. From automating something as simple as Gmail to a process as complex as membership fulfillment, automating your business saves you money, frees up your time, and shows a professional face to your fans. I help you choose which things to automate and put the process into place.

Expand Your Business into an Area Exclusive Model

Follow the most successful message delivery system in history. Train others to do what you do, and set them loose in their local area. It’s affiliate promotion on steroids. Now let’s be clear, this is a bonus precisely because there are some businesses that are a poor fit for the area exclusive model.

What an Ad Brings You

  • Join the 2023 Book Tour

  • Get Booked for Media Interviews

  • Be Represented at Every Tour Event

  • You are Mentioned in the Manuscript

  • You are Introduced in a Special Contributor Section

  • Free Copies of The Book

  • Dicsounted Book Copies at Author Pricing

  • Place Your Ad on Websites


  • Monthly Master Mind Alliance

  • Media Training

  • Guest Co-Host on My Podcast

  • Receive Author Status on My Websites

  • 4 Guest Postings to Your Website

  • Get Help with Automating Your Business

  • Expand Your Business into an Area Exclusive Model

Your Value

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